How To Get Your Car’s VIN Number

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The Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle is one of the most critical aspects of your car. This number is a unique number that is utilized to identify every vehicle. There are a plethora of places you can search to get the VIN of your car. It can be found on certain documents like registration or title. If you intend to purchase a used car, you must endeavor to inspect the car’s VIN label in case they have been tampered with by criminals in the past.

As this article proceeds, you will learn what VIN means, its importance, and ways to get your car’s VIN.


What Does The Term VIN Stand For?

VIN means a vehicle identification number; a vehicle identification number is a code that every car has. This code is unique, and no two vehicles have the same VIN. The vehicle identification number comprises seventeen characters (a mixture of numbers and letters) with no spaces in between them. In every Vehicle Identification Number, the letters O, I, and Q are not included to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 and 9. A particular piece of information about the car is provided by each section of a Vehicle Identification Number. Some of the information provided include; factory of manufacture, the country where the vehicle was manufactured, the year of production, the serial number of the car, the brand of the car, and the model of the vehicle.

Identifying the VIN of a vehicle is quite easy; it looks like something you have seen countless times before. The Vehicle Identification Number is a barcode, and each number has vital information about your vehicle when you decode them. As aforementioned, two cars cannot and have never had the same Vehicle Identification numbers. Another important thing that needs reiteration is that when you locate the VIN of your vehicle. Always omit the letters O and I. A VIN never has them so that you do not confuse them for 1 and 0, so whenever you see something that looks like O and I., you should know what they indicate.


What Makes A Vehicle Identification Number Important?

The importance of a vehicle’s identification number cannot be overemphasized. A plethora of data entries makes use of the VIN to record the history details of a car. Individuals who intend to purchase a previously used car can check the VIN of the vehicle; this helps them get the records of; the car’s repairs, owners, and accidents, if any. The VIN of a vehicle lets you know if the vehicle’s producer has ever issued a recall. One essential thing about a VIN is that it allows you to tell if a car has ever been stolen; this is critical because no one wants to purchase a stolen car.


How To Get Your Car’s Vehicle Identification Number

There are many ways you can check the Vehicle Identification Number of your car, we have compiled nine ways you can get your car’s VIN.

  1. Check The Dashboard

The VIN of a car is found in front of the dashboard on several passenger cars. If you check the driver’s side, you may see the VIN if it is placed there. You can step outside your vehicle and look through the windshield; this gives you a better view.

  1. Check The Pillar Of The Side Door

Open the door of your vehicle and observe the area where the door closes on the car, and you may find it there.

  1. The Vehicle’s Liability Insurance Or Title Documents

Essential documents about your car, like the title and liability insurance documents, usually have the Vehicle Identification number on them, check them, and get them there.

  1. Check Front Of The Car’s Engine Block

Open the hood of your vehicle and take a look at the front engine. Some car producers place a body plate that carries the identification of a car. When you open the driver, you should find the plate in the engine compartment attached to a firewall.

  1. You Can Get It In The Car Frame’s Front

Some vehicles have their VIN placed on the car frame close to the container of the windshield container. Bend down by the driver’s area and check if you will find it there.

  1. Check Under Spare Tire

Most manufacturers place the vehicle identification number of a car beneath the spare tire, go to the trunk, pick your spare tire up, and check to see if your vehicle’s VIN is there.

  1. Consult The Car’s Owner’s Manual

You should be able to find the VIN of your car on the owner’s manual if you have a brand new car. However, you may be lucky to get a used car whose owner’s manual is still intact, then you can always check there. You will undoubtedly get the VIN of your vehicle on from the manual.

  1. Call The Manufacturer Or The Dealership

If you have searched the places mentioned above and do not seem to find the vehicle identification number, you can place a call to the manufacturer or the dealership you acquired from. Please provide them with the model and make of the vehicle; this information will help them find the number for you.

  1. Carryout A VIN Check On The National Crime Insurance Bureau’s Website

If all of the above fails, go to the National Crime Insurance Bureau’s site and do a VIN check. If a car gets stolen, the VIN of that car is added to the database of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Some car thieves remove VIN labels and plates from stolen or junked vehicles and place these detached labels and plates to the car they took.

If you find the Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle, you may own a stolen vehicle. Call the authorities and report the situation.



You should know your vehicle’s identification number to get a better understanding of your car. If you own or intend to get a used car, knowing the VIN of that vehicle is beyond important.

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