Is There Anything Like Free VIN Number Check?

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Several people believe that a used car comes with its fair share of problems. These problems are why it is essential to check the Vehicle Identification Number of a vehicle, especially if used to avoid and tackle these problems in time.


Is There Anything Like Free VIN Check?

The answer to this question is yes and no; the reputable VIN history reports from Autocheck, Carfax and Copart cost from $25 and above. The free ones are not complete and comprehensive but can be a head start for those with no much funds. The majority of free VIN checks usually list the registration of a vehicle by type of title, state, and it lets you know if any individual has made an insurance claim on the car after the occurrence of an accident.

As this article proceeds, you will learn several ways to check the VIN of your vehicle for free, The Benefits Of Paid Vin, and VIN’s importance.


Ways To Check VIN For Free


Vehicle History lets you check your VIN for free and gives you access to a lot of information about the car, like; price analysis, the cost to own, and fuel economy. The information does not end there as Vehicle History lets you check additional details like; Current recall info, Price prediction about when its best to purchase a specific model, and make of a car. You also get the selling history and a concise list of the expiration of producer warranties.


This is another website that gives you a comprehensive and concise VIN report without any fees. gives you elaborate information about the performance records and inspection of a vehicle, warranty, safety ratings, and many more. At, you can find out where and when the searched vehicle has been put on sale and the price it was advertised with.


iSee cars is another website that gives you a robust free VIN. With iSeeCars, you get a lot of information about the researched car like; car history report, the price history of the vehicle, the most appropriate time to buy and sell, price analysis, projected depreciation time of the car, and so many more.



You get a free VIN look-up from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This administration gives you detailed information about the model and make of the car so that you know if any recall orders have been made. You will be able to decide if it’s safe to drive the car when you know if it is under any recall orders.



With the search tool of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, you get straight forward and simple results. Searching with the NICB lets you know if the car has been; salvaged, reported as stolen or lost, and declared irreparable after a ghastly accident.



CarFax is one of the most popular choices when it comes to VIN reports and checks. CarFax is so reliable that several car dealers and dealerships show their prospective clients a carfax report of the vehicle they intend to sell to you. However, the most detailed VIN reports from CarFax are not free, but a necessary report can be attained from the site on used cars listed on the site. Most of these reports display the owner’s history, usage information, reported accidents, and vehicle’s service history.


Are Paid VIN Checks Better Than Free VIN Checks?

Getting a free VIN check gives you access to basic information like a salvaged car, but if you are willing to pay for a VIN check, you get access to more details like how many people have used the vehicle before you. The two most prominent companies to look out for in paid VIN checks are Autocheck and CarFax (We provide these reports for just $8). These two companies give concise reports that include an overall evaluation, description of the car, locations of where the vehicle was sold, date of when the car was sold. CarFax and AutoCheck tell you if the vehicle’s previous owners have registered, recalled the vehicle, and so many more.

Experian owns AutoCheck reports. When you search a VIN or license plate with Autocheck, you get information like; the vehicle’s model, country of origin, and make. If you pay $24.99 (We provide these reports for just $8) on this site, you get access to a more detailed report that creates a numerical score for the searched car. You can compare the vehicle to other vehicles that were manufactured the same year the car was. You can pay $49.99 (We provide these reports for just $8) if you wish to carry out more than one search.


The Importance Of A VIN Check When Purchasing A Vehicle

Regardless of the type of car you intend to buy, it could be a brand new car, or a used one, the importance of a VIN check cannot be overemphasized. If you cannot afford a paid VIN check, a free one would suffice and give you some information about the vehicle you intend to make yours.

As mentioned earlier, a free VIN check gives you the basic history of the vehicle checked like information on previous accidents, claims or reports of theft and some other information that could save you in the long run. Running a VIN check before purchasing a car lets you know if the vehicle is available for sale legally, you can also find out if the car is good enough to drive. A VIN check lets you know if any significant claims have been made on the car like; if the vehicle has ever been damaged by accident, flood, or fire.



If you need Autocheck, Carfax and Copart Vin reports for an affordable rate, feel free to contact us.

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